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Thread: The Storm

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    The Storm

    A calmness envelops her soul
    The agitated branches whip about violently
    but to her they dance gracefully
    As the wind howls in frustration for it cannot topple a mountain,
    she hears her mother's lullaby sweetly sung, full of love
    Raindrops, as cold as death's chilly grin, fall upon her flaming skin
    She frowns momentarily in confusion for though she feels full of life,
    a cold numbing feeling starts to creep upon her
    She begins to panic for this feeling is new to her
    She struggles to recall what she fights for
    She tries to sit up, to shake off the grip of this foreign touch
    Where is life's comforting caress?
    What is this alien thing wrapping around her? Crushing her?
    Her lungs struggle to fuel her with the energy to fight,
    But like the tiny bird will struggle against the mighty wind,
    only to topple to the ground so does she
    Her mouth opens in a final scream as the golden halo consumes her
    Her frigid face is a mask of torment, reflecting a universal truth
    For death is not pretty

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    Re: The Storm

    This is a nice poem whitefoxdemon! The imagery that this poem presents is awesome, I can picture this poem as I read it! Nice job and I'm looking forward to see what else you have in the future!

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    Re: The Storm

    This is very nice. Profound imagery indeed... When I read it id made me think of a tree in a storm, being struck by lightening or something.
    ... Not Ever Again...

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