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Thread: The Story of the Blood Magus Averian

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    Post The Story of the Blood Magus Averian

    There once was a woman named Averian Light, and something plagued her all her life. The inability to cope with reality...
    So soon in turn she began to write, but even as each letter she typed, she never noticed the fading lights. Every sentence took her deeper into a reality that won't escape her. Page by page she wrote her story, not even noticing she had become the Oracle of her own demise. She continued to write locked away from both worlds, until one day there was a knock on her door. When she looked up it was in confusion, for no longer was she in her sanctuary, but in a wooden cottage. Slowly she stood and said to the caller, "Who are you and why do you knock?" To her query there came no reply only a soft pit-pattering from a pale stained light. "Hello?" She called again, beginning to worry, confusion swiftly turning to anger. Her hand shot out to reach for the door but from the other side she heard a sickening splat upon the door. She quickly ran to the door and pulled it open only to see blood and gore, staining mahagony the wooden door. When she saw this, she felt no fear, only a surge of power as the blood rose and fell into her body.

    {This is turning more into a story o.o; I think I'll leave it there....}

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    Re: The Story of the Blood Magus Averian

    Yeah. You could leave it there... or make a part 2.. ^_^
    I thought it was great! I want more... Encore! I wonder, is there a reason we cant put short stories here? I better read the sticky.

    But yeah.. Im all for it. This is better than good.
    ... Not Ever Again...

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