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Thread: story of emo love (poem)

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    story of emo love (poem)

    He was sad, of course,
    but so was she,
    a seemingly perfect match.
    Love (kind of) at first sight.

    They were as happy as they could be.
    He was her knight in black eyeliner,
    She was his ebony rose.
    They shopped at Hot Topic together.

    Soon, though, they grew apart.
    They weren't made to be happy.
    She found another boy in tight pants,
    and made her old boyfriend's eyeliner run.

    He felt like this was the last pain he could endure,
    like his heart had been ripped out through his nose,
    and all that was left was a black abyss.
    No feeling, not even the sadness that made him happy.

    But his wounds scarred over slowly,
    and he was more Emo than ever.

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    Re: story of emo love (poem)

    Emo boys are hot(just wanted to say it)
    Okay well back to what I was about to say.
    It was good,especially from the time the fell in love from "first sight" to where the boy was saddened and pained etc.
    I love emotional poem like these,keep writing more mmkay?

    Become a wind, unfathomable distress. I'll hold back your loneliness.

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