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Thread: a story more than a poem about me { dedicated to everybody and to site}

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    a story more than a poem about me { dedicated to everybody and to site}

    sitting on this bench
    under the moon light
    watching the sky
    a word amerged
    and turned into a scentence

    with the fact all over my mind
    i still wished it was a lie

    i came to realize
    that i am left here
    sitting alone just to be hurt

    many poeple came
    with feelings i can't describe in any name
    but i know they aren't tame

    in time they got closer and closer
    without me noticing
    they only did that to hurt me

    never had those who came by
    just to sit and be there for me

    and once i had them
    i'm always losing them in a second with out even realizing it
    i hate seeing my own best friends turn against me
    as if the only person whose wrong is me
    i don't care anymore just let it be
    without me

    i know that this is falling apart with me in it
    i close my eyes as everything ends with it

    because each time i open my eyes
    i only see my life being destroyed by those who i loved
    i thought they were my friends
    i lost my closest friends

    right now i'm struggling to be freed
    from my own prison
    and the prison of others

    to set free
    and spread my wings
    and fly again
    i wait for that day

    that i can be accepted by everyone
    and to be near those who care for
    i can't wait to meet them

    for that i continue to fight
    without a second thought of stopping

    i am going to change my life to the better
    with the help of those who help along the way

    those who i am proud to call my friends
    i met so much of them

    even though their no here with me
    they still help me around

    i like it when i hear their words reaching to me just to help me around

    now i set off
    on a journey
    that will be remembered in our memories
    because we are friends
    in fact we are best friends

    now i leave them with these words
    i promise
    to be your friend always and forever
    and i will never forget those who helped me

    i will say this now without cutting our frieandship
    i will be there for you as you were there for me

    thank you all
    thank you so much
    for everything you've given me

    a message from your loyal friend
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    Re: a story more than a poem about me { dedicated to everybody and to site}

    Wow, that is so sweet. It's wonderful!

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