"Please just listen this won't take long.
I know that you feel that we are worng.
but I love you and you know I truly do...
you shouldn't take what he puts you through.
Can you hear me My Lovely Sweetheart?
I'm trying to tell you we'll make it through this part.
Please open the door and let me come in.
You and I both know that we can't let this end."

She held her arms and took a breath.
While all the time she waited for death.
He looked at his wife in a fire of hate.
A chance her lover called was covered in fate.
He told her to answer the door while he hid.
He waited in the closet like a scared little kid.

"Please come in I'm glad you came by.
I wanted to tell you I don't want to try.
I want to let you know I can't give in,
I don't want to be more than friends.
So leave me alone and walk away.
I don't want to see you after today.
Go on get out don't ever return.
I know in hell we both can burn"

There was fear in her voice and in her eyes.
He was confused and asked her why.
She tried hard to push him away.
But he stood his ground and wanted to stay.
She fell down back to her knees.
He held her close shushing her pleas.

"What is it darling you can tell me.
Because it is here I want to be.
Here let me kiss you like I did before.
Don't worry what are you scared for?
He dosen't know I have asked him today.
so why my love are you acting this way.
Come let us go make up right now.
He won't be back he's out of town."

The voice he heard he thought he knew.
But took sometime to place the clue.
He broke down and cried out in vain.
How could his brother cause so much pain.
He came out with the gun in his hand.
He was broken inside and hardly could stand.

"Why you?! Oh my god why you?!
What a pain you put me through!
You are my brother and she is my wife.
Never I thought of this in my life.
So tell me what do you want to say?
I'm gonna kill you both today.
What have done to deserve such a fate?
Why would you bring me so much hate?"

Before they could plead he shot her down.
Her face in fear and her mouth in a frown.
He pointed the gun at his brother.
The one born of the same mother.
He looked at him and shot him dead.
Then he shot himself in the head.