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i like it but didnt get the end its not your fault though its just how writer block is
You're not the only one who didn't get the ending, don't sweat it. I'm glad you liked it! Thanks for your comment. ^_^

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Very strange!!!! But I like it! It was a bit hard to understand it but I got it!!!!!! I like your poem it was so just so...how do you say...hmmm.....I forgot how to say that word but it was just great and very interesting indeed!!!! so i hope to see more!!!
Strange? That's the word I'd use, LOL! ^_^
Thanks alot! I'm happy that you guys like this. I spent forever trying to write it, then got a writer's block that lasted forever and a day. I thought that nobody would like it, because when I usually get stuck at the end, it turns out to be crap, and I either don't post it, or I post it and hope that people will ignore it. LOL.

Maybe I'll post all of my stuff from now on. ^_^