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Thread: Stuck

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    heres something i wrote sometime back

    Do I?

    Do i not?

    my clock is ticking

    like a borken clock

    Tici tac tac

    running out of luck

    caught by the seconds

    of my after shocks

    Waiting or changing

    running or facing

    living or dying

    loving or leaving

    Just some of the questions

    in our everyday lives

    as simple as yes or now

    but caught in between

    the second life goes

    Tici tic toc

    how is your clock?

    is it still broken

    or are you just stuck

    stuck in the second

    you make up your mind

    do you really have choices

    or do you really have none?

    One shot in reality

    true life or true vanity...

    feels like rain today

    are you gonna stay home?

    fixing the clock

    that has never been broken..

    tici tic tac

    how is your life?

    are you really happy?

    or are you just stuck?

    *False Messiah * Bleach Dynasty *Call me Ruru-chan*

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    Re: Stuck

    Some spelling errors.. But great....Making a poem out of everybodies life...^...
    Straight to the point...
    I loved her so much.... i would dare to risk my own life only to save her from dying....
    I loved my GF...

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    Re: Stuck

    That was pretty good but not great.......sorry ^^

    Don't give up witting poems tho.

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    Re: Stuck

    Hey thats a pretty good start if you like writting poems. It's O.k

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    Re: Stuck

    you also write poem?you really got the talent...but i more like your story...but if you like to write poem it's okay...keep on practice...maybe your poem get better...good luck...

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