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Thread: summer

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    summer comes and summer goes it sometimes rains but never snows
    summer is as summer does blowing trees and making runs
    summer likes to have good times but when its over we say goodbye
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    Re: summer

    Cool peice. It brings me back when I would go through a crappy year, then summer would come along and everything would change for me ^.^ Then it would be over, and it would be back to basics v.v

    *stops daydreaming* Wow, this peice brought back alot of good flashbacks. But nice work none the less

    Oh, there was a typo "rian-rain" that kinda threw me off at first, but I caught on quick.

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    Re: summer

    Its a beautiful piece. try a tad bit more description or if that isnt to your likeing ad you really want to keep it the way it is. I believe if you break it into stanzas that'll make the beautiful of your peice shine more.
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