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Thread: A Summer Scene

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    A Summer Scene

    There is no sun to diffuse the shadow,
    looming trees shook;
    great bursts of wind swirled through the night.
    Frost lay in a blanket over the grass.

    In a caged park secluded from the world,
    life carries on undisturbed.
    Focused under the dark lens of night
    land and sky come together.

    The slow progression of dawn melts the evening
    turning to memories the bliss of darkness,
    stealing the bravery of concealment,
    and giving you the gift of dreams.

    It's a really bad ending stanza I know, but I sort of fizzled out at the end if you couldn't tell however, I really like this and how subjective it is. It's just a general observation of the nature of things and anyone reading is the "you."

    I haven't been able to write at all recently so this is a shock, blame it on the sleep deprivation. I spent three hours counting small packages of useless material for the sake of inventory tidiness. There are currently 1355 tiny bags full of garbage neatly sorted and recorded C:

    sry for the novel
    the love you withhold is the pain you carry.

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    Re: A Summer Scene

    And when I couldn't sleep I wrote a poem too... for POTM... which has a "sanity" theme. Its like drugs... you should try it.

    And I like the end... the slow progression of dawn... melting the evening... such imagery.
    ... Not Ever Again...

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