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Thread: Sun-Soaked Fields

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    Sun-Soaked Fields

    As they gaze upon the fleeting, waving, nostalgic valleys of gold
    above a sky of gray, fragments of the sun's presence pervades through.

    Fallen, a tear from their cheeks when they bask in the sun-soaked fields.

    Granted, from clouded havens, a life in which all representations are bound to be called forth
    when the mature exercise practice of employment and the children present a care-free demeanor.

    Imploring the grace of an upper deity, to everlasting youth in the sun-soaked fields.

    When all evil is distant and the prevailations of freedom and justice are heard throughout
    every being in the kingdoms of man, beast, and nature can observe the eclipse of eternal shadow.

    Being taken to be alive and brought from behind the veil of indignity to spoil in the sun-soaked fields.

    As the moon approaches to relieve the sun of it's tiresome and tedious rise,
    we remember that time spent indulging ourselves in the sun-soaked fields.
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