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Thread: Switched Prolouge

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    Switched Prolouge


    Naruto groaned. How on earth am I supposed to stand this? Tsunade had placed both Naruto and Sasuke on the same mission to escort Hibishi Tsmoto, a traveling merchant, back to the Grass Village. Sasuke was calmly walking in the front, ignoring Naruto’s loud and annoying protests and give Hibishi-san a rest.

    Doesn’t he know that he can’t walk as fast and as long as we can?

    Naruto sniffed, and sauntered onward, wondering how long he has to stand this.

    “Oi. Naruto.” Sasuke’s voice came into Naruto’s head, and stopped and realized that Sasuke had stopped sometime before. Hibishi-san was already sitting down, placing his huge bags down next to him.

    Naruto rushed back surprised that he didn’t notice Sasuke stopping. “Why didn’t you tell me you stopped?” Naruto demanded.

    The Uchiha just smirked, but didn’t answer. Naruto was going to be a big pain in the neck, that’s for sure. Heck, he already was.

    ************************************************** *************************

    Naruto squinted into the distance, seeing some buildings up ahead. “Finally! Almost there!” He rushed forward, passing Sasuke, and stopping a few paces before them. “What? We’re almost there! Let’s go!” Naruto yelled.

    Sasuke and Hibishi just coolly strolled past him, ignoring Naruto’s new protests to hurry so they could go back to Konoha.

    “Now we’re here!” Naruto gasped. They had stopped at a small house, where the merchant stayed when he was selling things in the village.

    “Thank you.” Hibishi mumbled, stumbling back into his house.

    That guy somehow freaks me out...Naruto thought, glancing around.

    “Let’s go.” Sasuke stated, already making his way back out of the village. Naruto made an irritated face and followed the raven-haired boy, starting their trek back into the village.

    Not long after they had begun to walk, a young girl about the age of six bumped into both of them. Her hair was dull black, and she was wearing the clothes of a peasant. Instead of saying sorry like people usually do, she murmured at both of them, saying, “A curse is upon you. You will both find each your friendship mandatory to break it.” With that, she ambled off, leaving a confused Naruto, and an unfazed Sasuke.

    “That girl is freaky.” Naruto simply declared. Sasuke, as usual, paid no attention to Naruto’s comment, and hiked onward.

    ************************************************** *****************************

    “We’re almost to Konoha...” Naruto groaned. “How long have we been walking?”

    Naruto didn’t expect an answer, of course. Sasuke probably just wanted to get it over with. Naruto shrugged and followed Sasuke back into the village, thinking about the ramen that awaited him back at the ramen shop.

    ************************************************** ******************************

    Sasuke jerked up in his bed in the middle of the night, seeing his surroundings different then usual. He got out swiftly and ran to a mirror he found hanging on the wall. He nearly screamed. What he saw in the mirror wasn’t the raven-haired boy he was. His hair was blonde, he had lines on his cheeks and his eyes were blue. “What...the...hell...?”

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    Re: Switched Prolouge

    oh man i like where this is going they switched bodys sweet things are defantly going to get weird now i bet lol can wait to see what happens next
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