There once was a girl,
who wasn't afraid to fall.
She told a man,
I don't care i'd risk it all.
The man was taken away,
by a drunkard's folly.

This girl slowly growing up,
took care of what she had to do.
Looked at her angel and forced
herself to grow up.
I'll never let anyone hurt you.

Now a few years down the line,
she met a pretend soldier.
He promised to love her,
yet he made her promise,
their relationship to be a secret.

She kept quiet again,
hurt all the time.
When the soldier freaks out.
She was called to calm him down.
While she served as his conscience,
she served as his fountain of peace.
He never mustered enough courage to tell her
how she meant to him.

The girl now a lady,
she stayed away.
She made friends with someone,
trying not to fall ever again.

He never promised anything just said he'd be there.
Yet she kept falling faster than before.
She was feeling so many emotions,
He made her feel like a queen.
Never denying her anything.

He said he loved her,
not expecting anything back in return.
The Ice princess melted,
her heart was beating once again.

All it took was someone,
to care about her.
Never demanding like her
only taking what what was given
no questions in return.

She takes this plunge,
She sees what she can be.
He makes her happy.
He makes her want to be free.

This someoene has captured
her heart for suddenly.
Her heart now singing songs
As she did once before.

However will this someone,
hold true to his word.
She is willing to take the risk.
What will she loose in return.