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Thread: The tears I shed

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    The tears I shed

    Tears I shed

    These tears I shed for you
    As I begin this poem
    May be the different
    Than the one’s at the end

    For right now I am thinking
    About the times we’ve shared
    The things we’ve said
    And the things we’ve done

    I wonder why you do this
    Why you treat me this way
    What gives you the right
    To pick and choose when to stay

    To say you love me
    And tell her the next
    Falling in and out
    With the both of us

    What goes through your mind
    That makes you believe
    That it’s okay
    To hurt us in this way

    To give hope
    Light and love
    Then make us suffer
    Make us dead on the inside

    Make us happy
    To make us believe
    Then to have us find out
    That it’s all make-believe

    Tell me
    Why do you love me
    Why do you care
    Why was you ever there

    You say I should trust you
    But yet this isn’t the first
    There have been others
    Only you hurt us worse

    Our pain comes from you
    You have no one else to blame
    For we were always there
    Watching over you

    I guess I was right
    For the tears I shed now
    Have no light

    My old ones were of the happiness
    My new ones are of pain
    Forgive me, my love
    But my life is in vain

    So the tears I shed
    No longer mean anything to you
    So in the next life
    I’ll see you soon

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    Re: The tears I shed

    A sentimental poem yet again. =P Anyways, I really like it. Keep up the great work. [:

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    Re: The tears I shed

    Oh, so emotional! This is good. So straight from the heart. I can understand what you must've felt when writing this. Good job!

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