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Thread: Tears Won’t Come

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    Tears Won’t Come

    Tears Won’t Come

    When they first told me
    Your end was almost here
    All I did was cry
    I couldn’t stop a single tear

    They said six months
    Till your sorrow filled end
    Less than a month
    A thought they didn’t even lend

    Now you’re gone
    Much too soon
    No time to get used to the idea
    Before you left within one moon

    Now those tears which once eagerly came
    Refuse to send a single drop
    To a girl who denies
    But the denial has to stop

    I need to cry to weep to sob
    But these tears just won’t come
    And every time someone says “You’re so brave.”
    It’s like being beaten like a drum

    I don’t want to be brave
    I don’t want to stand tall
    I want to sit on the couch
    And ball and ball and ball

    I’m not holding back
    No foundries to keep these tears at bay
    Except the voice that says:
    “He’s not gone he’s only a long ways away”

    When that voice accepts it I’ll finally cry
    The gates of denial will disappear
    And then the next thing I’ll know
    Is the salty taste of a much awaited tear

    For those who also read my poem"grandpa" these 2 poem are in alliance.

    I usually dislike sad poems but right now I'm quite sad so I wrote one and I don't think it's horrible. Hope others will like it too.

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    I dont know how but I have managed to make 3 threads of this poem and I apologise for that
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    Re: Tears Won’t Come

    Closing duplicate thread.
    -Just another green eyed angel, distorted by mans love for hate-

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