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Thread: Testament of my Heart

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    Testament of my Heart

    Testament of My Heart

    I never thought in my lifetime, that I would ever
    find someone I could honestly say I loved. I had
    always assumed that I was meant to go through
    life all alone, and I was willing to accept that life.
    But then all that changed, and I felt my heart
    beat for first time when I first spoke to you.

    When our hearts unmasked their true feelings
    for each other, I felt like a whole new person
    ...a better person. Everytime we talked I felt
    as though the weight of the world had been
    lifted from my shoulders. And every time you
    are on my mind, I smile my biggest smiles, and
    never mind bragging about the reason behind
    my smile.

    And though distance has kept us apart physically,
    our hearts have never been closer. Yet I long to
    hold you in my arms and listen to you breathe.
    I'm going to hold on so tight, and I'll never let
    you go. That is a promise I will never break, and
    one you can count on.

    Even now, while we are apart, I'm still holding
    on to you. And no matter what forces or obstacles
    may come and tear us apart ...I'm never letting
    go of you. I love you, and I can't get much more
    simpler than that. I love you now and forever,
    and our hearts will always be together.

    So like it or not, you're stuck with me, cause
    I'm not going anywhere. I will remain by your
    side and you will always remain in my heart
    and mind. All I am saying is that I love you
    and I have loved you from the very start.
    So this is just a small token so to speak,
    just ...a testament of my heart.

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    Re: Testament of my Heart

    aw~~~ it's love. love love love love...
    i like the words you used.
    i dont understand much about love so--dont get me wrong. it's great how you express them.. but i just dont know what is love about. so--- gomen ^^
    perhaps those who have fall in love before may testify your poem with much more spendid comments than mine~ ^^
    keep it up~
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