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    This rose is for you my love
    and for what you represent
    the Stem long like your,black
    flowing hair on a full moon lit
    night with a light breeze

    The thorns how you cut me
    so easily be it with love or
    with hate everything from you
    cuts me so deeply and with so much
    ruthless intent that your touch and
    thought's cut me.

    The pedals as soft and as fragile
    as your flesh as i let you pierce
    my heart for loves true test and like
    the pedal our love could wither at
    any moment.

    The blood its drips so freely
    like your words do ,its almost
    like a dream when you ,speak
    and knowing i will soon give you
    what you crave so much .

    The puddle it fills with such
    redness that i compare it your,
    life of dispair and tragady that
    it's spread out through your life
    no remorse do i have for these

    ok this ine is sort new for me i tried
    using a pic and using it every part of
    it in the poem i dont know if i did it right
    but any comments or tip would be helpfull

    could someone delete this thread my pc messed up and it posted twice
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    Re: the

    wow its pretty it reminds me of kurama
    its superbeatiful i love it

    DarkChalice's LiL sis

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