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Thread: The Theft

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    The Theft

    The Theft

    Merciful thief,
    Take not of my blood--
    The most unruly politician--
    The most cunning assassin.
    The wine that fills the mold
    Of an unskilled hand.
    Oh, hooded thief,
    Give me not the hand
    That carved that hole
    And fed it--
    A stead for what it was.
    The unlikely stead of a child.
    Quiet, silent thief,
    Speak not,
    For a word could never
    Span across the void
    That lies beneath a bed sheet.
    A word would never
    Slay the Boogeyman
    That lives there--
    Leaving us to play croquet
    In Wonderland.
    Oh, wonderless thief!
    Envy not the dreams
    That haunt!
    The undead dreams
    Refusing to die,
    Waiting on their unwanted
    Wounded thief,
    Give not your grain
    For my soul--
    Or the shell left behind.
    Merciless thief,
    Hide not my eyes
    Behind skin curtains.

    FYI, I'm aware that "wonderless" isn't a word, but it fit, and I'm sticking with it. XD
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