Is there no hope?

Must there not be hope in life?
Why do all hold so dearly to peace?
Holding to confess until the very end,
Incomprehensible these babblings may be.
What is an emotion?
Where is the true meaning of a reason?
Always searching for an answer,
To forgive their personal sins they must.
The faith in what we hold eternally so, can it really be real?
Is there nothing left once nothing is all that remains?
I guess forgetting these menial things could destroy this hesitation.
We need to lower our true cause to something of the past.
Are these evil acts ever possible to be cleansed?
Can freeing oneself from all…

In memory of a women who might have existed in the 15th century and that might have been called Joan of Arc (Jeanne d'Arc). I would also like to note that I personally believe in hope. My hope is of peace. One day I may take action to realise peace in some form. Until then, I will continue on writing my personal thoughts and offering them to be read by any who desire so to read them.

Inspired by: YouTube - Juana de Arco - Trailer (I wrote the poem after watching the movie completely and repeating the ending 3 times)

+Soldat of life+