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Thread: be there for you

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    be there for you

    a bit poor from the grammer and stuff , but hope you like it

    how come everytime you comeback crying? i saw you spilling tears from
    your eyes, what happened? did they hurt you? tell me, please!!!
    i will try my best to protect you, how come you stay in your place
    just crying tell me, why don't you tell, how many times did i tell you
    i told you , you are not alone!!!, please don't cry, it hurts me
    more than it hurts you, just to see you like this it breaks my heart,
    so please no more secrets just let in with you.
    my love
    how are you?
    it was a long time since i've seen you
    it feels great to see you
    i feel happy being once more next to you
    why are you sad ?
    why are you about to cry?
    is there something i should know?
    did somebody hurt you?
    you can tell my love
    i am here just for you
    whether i am free or busy
    you can come to me everytime you feel sad and down
    the current life
    will someday break you up
    let me help you
    before the time runs out
    i beg you
    tell me whats wrong ?
    let me protect you from what ever haunts you
    i love you
    and you should by that
    i feel happy when your happy
    and i feel sad when your sad
    and i can't bear to see you like this
    your tears spilling
    your screams yelling for help
    so why don't you trust me
    can't you see
    i am suffering
    my love
    you know that i would never let anything hurt you or even touch you
    you are my angel
    you are my world
    and each time your heart gets sad
    my entire world crumbles
    and falls into pieces
    i am trying to help you as much as i can
    but why don't you help me?
    help me by letting me in
    love me as i love you
    help me as i help you
    i ask for nothing more than this
    i just ask you
    to open you heart for me
    and let me in
    let me be there for you
    my love
    you are not alone
    i am here for you
    so please don't suffer
    all alone
    just let me be there with you
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    I Spread My Wings Without A trace

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    Re: be there for you

    Wow, I bet that would make a really good song. It was long enough to be one. I can't say much, though, some of mine are longer. Anyway, I liked the story of it. I thought it was nicely done.
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    Re: be there for you

    Great work. But if that was a woman i sense an overprotective mother coming. lol
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    Re: be there for you

    si fantastico keep the good work!

    perdoname michelle!

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