Since we drifted apart things have gotten
better nothing really hurts my feelings they are
fine just like they were before , i keep thinking
of how my memories keep showing me the pain.

I'm sure you feel the same because theres nothing
left for you to hold on to and cherish , do the memories
you have of me remain so full of emptyness , nothing is
the same for you .

When i think of you i will forget the things you did to me
and just remember you and smile , just becuase we fell apart
dosnt mean we have to walk away from what bring together
as freinds , because in the end all we have is us.

When you feel alone and and no one really cares just over look
the things i have done and just remember me because i belive that
we can be there for eachother no matter where we go , just remember
me and that i care for you when no one else ever will.
i did this poem to show that even after leaving
someone for what ever reason there can still
be freindship because when its all said and done
thats what counts in the end freindship not love