I can't breathe.
Perhaps you could thin this air so thick.

But how could I trust you to help me breathe...
... you're the who made me this sick!

And there I go again...
There I go blaming you again.

When really it's probably all my fault...
I stopped believing, you'd still play pretend.

And I don't know how much was a game.
And how much was choice.

I wanna talk, But I don't wanna talk.
But I'm sick of hearing my voice!

Or yours. Or mine!
Or our f*cking voices combined!

My wanting a solution seems putrid...
Love worth fixing exists my mind.

I don't know why I write this sh*t.
Somewhere that I hope you might read it.

The sooner I realize it never was real...
The sooner I'll believe I don't need it.