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Thread: A thinking man's poem

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    A thinking man's poem

    When does a dream become,
    more than the time,
    when it's in your mind,
    and becomes something of solidity.

    When does the moment pass,
    when you look through the glass,
    and know that what you see,
    isn't so far out of reach anymore.

    When does the time come,
    when you realize that,
    your "crazy idea",
    is more than an idea to some.

    When does all this make sense,
    and start to become,
    the main goal,
    that you mainly hold.

    When all this becomes your focus,
    and becomes your obsession,
    and becomes your slight progression,
    and becomes your strength inside,
    and becomes your driving factor,
    and becomes your ultimate obtainable goal,
    and becomes something that isn't so impossible....

    when you look back,
    you realize that your "crazy idea",
    wasn't so crazy after all.

    By Justin McCormick (White Rose)

    "Sometimes... thinking can be good. Sometimes thinking can be bad. I'm not sure which mine is, but I'll tell you in the morning."

    Far be it for me to be anything special, when the only special thing I desire with me, is the special person I share my gifts with.

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    Re: A thinking man's poem

    Well that was interesting. I do know how you feel on that thought process, though. I've been there many times and then you look back and say "just a few months ago that was so out of reach yet here it is today." Very cool poem. It was different and unique, I liked it honey!
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