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Thread: those night

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    Arrow those night

    i woke up next to you?
    must of been out of my damn mind
    with six billion here
    there simply is no "one of a kind"
    falling of the bed
    but not to her surprise
    staring in the mirror
    she love the horror in those eyes
    she wasnt suppose to be here
    not allowed to free fall
    wasnt suppose to feel like this
    maybe im wasnt suppose to wake up at all
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    Re: those night

    Short... bad grammar, no punctuation....

    And, the rawest poem Ive read today. I can't believe how good this was! It packed such a big punch. It had good word play, and imagery!!! I'm not a huge stickler when it comes to grammar. I'm far more impressed by concept and creativity... both of which you have here. Good job!
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