As they wrapped me in that white cloth that makes me hug myself,
Irregardless of the fact that I feel like killing myself,
I screamed bloody murder.
As they dragged me towards the cell,
that cell with no windows or way to escape,
the cell with all walls,
even cieling and floor covered in cushions,
I began to calm down.
Once we reached the cell door,
I actually had stopped my temper tantrum and walked calmy and sanely into a corner where I sat down in a fetal position.
That was the first time I ever had to realize just how much trouble I was really in and how deep of a whole I had dug myself.

Roses are red,
Natives are brown thats my race so dont put them down my native pride,
I will not hide my native race,
I will not disgrace my native blood,
flows hot & true my native people stand by trough thick & thin,
Till the day we die our native flag higher then the rest cause every 1 knows natives are the best!
Native pride is man, mind, native blood is my kind so step aside & let me through cause it's all about the native crew,
Life sucks & then you die but if your native you die with pride!

stand up my native people,
I know we've weaped for so long,
Like we dont belong,
But its time to get our people off the streets,
And moving to a powwow beat,
No more red on red heat,
Thats what brought us to our defeat,
It made us weak.
But soon we'll be able to sing and dance to the final victory song,
This is our land,
Where we belong,
In hand & hand,
We'll make our final stand,
With a million warrior band.
Where we'll be known as tha"Grand Native Nation"....
"I'm a native and I'm damn proud of it!!"

just acouple qoutes;
"Dearest Santa,
We don't have a chimney in our house.
How do you get into our home?
Love, Marky.
Dear Mark,
First stop callling yourself "Marky", that's why you're getting your ass whipped at school.
Second, you don't live in a house,
you live in a low-rent apartment complex.
Third, I get inside your pad just like the boogeyman does,
through your bedroom window.
Sweet dreams, Santa"

"Seen it all, done it all, can't remember most of it."

"Ten Commandments of Teenagers.
1. thou shall not sneak out when parents are sleepin(why wait?)
2. thou shall not do drugz(alcohol lasts longer)
3. thou shall not steel from k-mart(Wal*Mart has a bigger selection)
4. thou shall not get arrested for vandalism(destruction has a bigger effect)
5. thou shall not steel from thy parents (every1 knows grandma has more money)
6. thou shall not get in fights(just start them)
7. thou shall not skip class(just take the whole day off)
8. thou shall not strip in class(hooters pays more)
9. thou shall not think about having sex (as nike sayz just do it)
10. thou shall not help old ladies cross the street(just leave them in the middle)"