I have received some criticism about my poems being to short. Rest assure I can write long poems But lets face it the longer a poem is the more boring it is. So here is my response.

Its mouth is filled with real sharp fangs.
Tears the skin against which it bangs.
Stops blood cold with its fierce, loud roar.
Hunts all things; birds, fish and wild boar.
Body is stripped same as its tail.
When it hunts it will rarely fail.
No hide can stop its razor claws.
Blood flies at the slap of its paws.
Its most powerful muscle is its jaws.
Bones crumble as pointed teeth saws.
So fast it moves as a swift blur.
An object of death in orange fur.
Eyes fixed, it is ready to pounce.
Bone and raw muscle too each once.
No feline more gorgeous than that.
The tiger is God’s best made cat.