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Thread: As Time Goes By!

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    As Time Goes By!

    there only 14 and love hasn't
    entered there mind , they laugh
    and play like best friend's always
    do things are so simple ,and life is just
    starting for them,

    Time goes by and there 18 things
    have changed and love gets its
    chance as they go on there first
    date , he holds her hand as there
    eyes never move from one another,
    how slow time seems to go as they hold
    each other.

    By the time there 21 love has become
    something more things have changed even
    more , both older one looks a bit older and
    has gained a few pounds while as the other
    has lost there looks , but things by now dont
    really matter because all they see is the one
    they fell for.

    He goes to war as she stays home watching
    the kids at 27 , things by now certainly aren't
    made from heaven , as she sits there keeping
    the children In there place ,her thought never
    falter as she looks to his picture and a tear falls
    down her cheek as the word mommy comes from
    behind her.

    the kids almost grown, he is safe at home
    stories are told with excitement leaving out
    the worst parts as they listen with there
    minds making images of what he must have went
    through , he looks to his wife as they smile and
    the love has grown stronger.

    The kids have moved out and there in there
    40's there youthful looks now gone , wrinkles
    now in the place of soft touchable skin , there
    at the kitchen table listening to echo's of the past
    as he looks to her and tells her how beautiful she is
    she leans in and kisses him as they let the moment

    Love like this is the best kind of love because
    nothing can ever be taken from or added to because
    they are bound by more than love , there lives halfway
    lived at 65 , he turned to her as they sit by the lake , he
    doesnt see some old women there , he only See's the beautiful
    angel that had his heart at 18 as he put an arm around her
    and kisses her cheek.

    Time takes is tole as they lay beside each other under
    that oak tree they played around as kids , always being
    together for all time as death can cant even touch them
    from how there souls are together , becuase there body's
    might lay there but still they roam going to the stars and more.
    __________________________________________________ _____
    this poem is about love and how it grows with
    time , things never change when 2 people are
    in love they both could be in there 50's or 60's
    yet they still see there significant other as the
    beautifull or handsom person they first met they dont
    let time change anything for them.

    comments and sugestions are welcomed
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    Re: As Time Goes By!

    Oh My God... I love this poem, it's wonderful... Haven't read anything like this before, this is just great!!!!

    I love the way You've described the life of these two people... it was just so wonderful to read it and kind of live it through with those two people... adoreful!!!

    I love every single thing about this poem!!! It's just the best thing I've read about love!!!! A great work Chris!!!!

    My recommended fanfic: "Dreamer" by Scourge

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    Re: As Time Goes By!

    Wow what a beautiful poem it made me cry. Having a love like that would be truly a blessing. I am so fortunate to have someone who loves me like this.
    "Sunset Kisses Along The Beach"
    Made for me by HolderofTheDarkChalice
    Thanks so much I love it!

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