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Thread: Time & Life

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    Time & Life

    Time is like a vice that seems
    to grip more on your soul as life
    give you more, just like when you
    lay it all on the line for the love.

    The vice turns more as she walks
    away saying your not meant for me,
    my heart tightens as my soft sighs
    bring out soft tears that i hold back.

    Time nothing can fight it ,nothing
    can avoid it , like the time i needed
    help and my friends said that had my back
    when the time came and my life was on
    the edge of forever and no one was there.

    Life that's what time consumes its like a vice
    that only tightens as you try and smile .but
    it doesn't work my life still nearing that point
    when it fades away, time will never let me
    have it my way.

    Life turns around for me and before i know
    it i smile once more and yell to show it
    and i smile as she comes back to me but not the way i think
    but only as a friend she moved on and let me go but came
    back to me so i would never feel alone .

    this poem isn't about being emo goth, or any of those
    other tragic life styles ,this poem is about accepting what life has
    to offer and how time will never let you forget those things that
    hurt you while giving you something special for the pain you go
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    Re: Time & Life

    This was a nice poem. You know, it kind of sounds like it was written as a song or could be a song. Anyway, I liked it. The theme was nice and it stayed on topic well. Good job.
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    Re: Time & Life

    That was a very sweet poem. It put me in the mind of a couple of people who went through the same thing. I can't wait to read your next one.
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