5:50 AM Time seems to be stand still when you can't sleep. But after seven days of insomnia, time is the only thing that is real. The images I see are a blur of reality and fiction, tunting me into one starnge situation after another.

The pink goat that stole my wallet, came back and has been talking aimlessly for what seems hours, but the clock says only 3 min has passed. It's maddening knowing that your eye want to close but they won't.

So I sit and wait, but that just makes it worse. The only thing to do is watch the TV. Knives that cut through cans, chat lines, and evangelists are all the keep me company these days. 5 min now.

The goat is still talking! I haven't heard a word he said over the past 2 min, but he got a point, a walk will do me some good. So out the door and down the stairs I follow. I think he still has my wallet, Oh well.

I see him is the study, waving me over. He points and says that with this I sould have no problem sleeping. So I take it, following his lead and I put it to my head. I hear the chimes of the clock in the hall ring 6 times, but sleep has not come.