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Thread: title pending...

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    title pending...

    So, this is a poem I wrote. I don't have a name for it and would like some suggestions, please. This is part one of this poem.

    A rustle...
    A blur of white...
    What was that...?
    Why was it off in a hurry...?
    Was it scared...?
    Was it running from something...?
    Or did it need to go somewhere...?
    Going to meet someone...


    It was both...
    It was scared...
    It needed to go somewhere...

    It couldn't be alone for much longer...
    It's scared of the darkness...
    It can't fight it off...
    It was going to be swallowed whole...

    It needed to go somewhere safe...
    Somewhere full of light...
    It wants to be with it...
    It wants to be embraced by the warmth...

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    Re: title pending...

    "Flee from affliction"
    i think this would be suitable because the object runs scarred from something that torments it, it runs to the more suitable place.

    within the darkened realm of the mind, is endless shadows, wrenching pain, warming love, and burning desires.

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