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Thread: Together We Will Be

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    Together We Will Be

    Time had its way with me
    My tired broken hands
    Can't build a thing
    My empty heart
    Can't receive the same love it gave

    And Lies
    Came from my dearest friends
    In the end made me unbind the ties

    In a way
    My empty thoughts helped me carry on still
    And worried about finding my will
    For now and until
    My destiny is fulfilled

    And still
    The desire to see my days carry on
    Came with the hope for one
    And eventually ended with none

    I sit here in the endless black tunnel above the unknown street
    I truly ended up with no one to meet
    And no friend to greet
    I am dying under this heat
    And still no one covered my burning flesh and meat

    And now I can see the truth so clear
    Coming near
    To the plague I hold dear
    The love I missed so long
    Is coming to be next to me right here

    The moments that made me sad
    Are being replaced with new pictures that are making me glad

    She is the soul that never seizes to follow
    Despite that infection with in
    She gave the love that made me wait still
    Wait for her still according to my will

    So beautiful...
    So wonderful...
    And so hopeful...

    Your words kept awake yesterday
    As I try to see the moon from that day
    I failed everyday
    I can not see but one moon from now and everyday
    My love
    You became my love in a special way

    This pen I hold
    Could not write the words you have told
    The words you have told me
    That made me see how much your lovely
    And how much stood there patiently
    And now it's time for me to build my power steadily
    So I can tell them to you perfectly
    And explain that you gave me something heavenly
    A heavenly feeling that me cry endlessly

    My love
    My eternal love
    You gave me the one thing I missed so long
    And the only thing I was waiting for
    My love
    You gave
    A heart that was built from your love
    You gave me soul that never stopped to love
    The only soul that only belongs to you

    No moon
    No angel
    Is like you...
    My love
    My moon
    And my angel

    Thank you
    I love you so
    And I will never stop to do so

    My love
    Let’s go far away
    Carrying our love with us all the way
    Let’s go far away and never sway
    Lets be happy each and everyday
    Let’s be together all the way
    Let’s be together for ever
    In a world build from our love
    Build for just you and me
    Come here in my arms
    From now on together we will be
    In this place will the feeling we hold dear
    Together we will be
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