I torture myself day by day,
as i saw all your tears that lay,
when the moon did rise,
i cried hiding the denials,
my face covered and pouring with shame,
i live in regret and thats all that's left,
id cripple 2 your presence,
2 grab your hand and descend,
id watch u from afar,
just 2 keep this heart from crumbling,
truth be told,
my heart awaits ur move so bold,
id pray 2 heavens,
for ur heart 2 be smiling,
for u not 2 give up on that very last breath,
even though i cry at nights,
hope that time would pass by and me be alright,
promises id keep,
just 2 watch u sleep,
2 mend ur heart and c u smiling again,
speak no more,
silence ur body in a lair,
and keep those words till you've dealt with despair,
face up 2 urself,
find what u really want,
il watch u from far,
and wait 4 u 2 touch me so tender,
and love me ever so gentle,
i torture myself deep inside,
keeping everything which i hide,
2 myself,
my little old self