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Thread: Trials Of A Dying Jew

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    Trials Of A Dying Jew

    Interned in concentration camps, ground down but they go on.
    How long can he last, all too soon the man will see his last dawn.
    The next day men march in with guns but uniforms are different.
    Finally they arrive at camps, by God these fighters were sent.

    The swastika is replaced by banners with stripe and stars.
    Both those living and dead are stretched thin and covered with scars,
    And it is late now, he and several others fall on debris.
    Yes they pass on but lasted long enough to see their people free.

    This poem is inspired by a visit I made to a peace museum in Osaka. It showed people who lived through a concentration camp long enough to see liberation but were too damaged and died shortly after. Perhaps they were holding on just long enough to see their people were free and upon doing so surcumbed to the devasting conditions that had already taken many comrades.
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    Re: Trials Of A Dying Jew

    This makes me hungry for a pizza. A pizza that screams. Damn I got the munchies. I think this poem was rather short for so serious of a topic.

    Jewed, Screwed, And Tattooed! There is no peace, there is only passion........
    NoT tHe SiGgY yOu R lOOkInG 4
    Move Along.

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