Searching deep within me,
Looking for the answer.
To see if what I'm doing,
Is right or wrong.
Letting myself be loved,
Yet feeling like I'm tearing them apart.
Causing them so much pain,
That its more than I can bare.
How can someone even love me?
See me as more than a friend?
As that is all I've ever been,
To those whom I've cared the most.
But to be loved,
Even though I'm this troubled,
This insecure and silent person..
How could I ever really stand out?
How could you've even noticed?
Why even bother to talk?
When all you get is hurt... pain.
I should just go, abandon you,
To save you from all this grief.
So you can get on with your life,
Move on from missing me.
Just put yourself first,
And please forget about me.
Try to get passed the pain I've brought you,
Live the life your supposed to live, without me!

Well I was just in the right frame of mind to write. So I let my thoughts and emotions flow....