I have received some criticism about my poems being to short. Rest assure I can write long poems But lets face it the longer a poem is the more boring it is. So here is my response.

Under the gray storm clouds she stands on a church steeple, a sad smile is on her lips.
Her slim, limber body bears a black, nylon dress with slits cut high into the hips.
The black hood covers silky, long-cut raven hair, in the air whips her scarf, light blue.
She has watched for so long the man she admires, he is mortal, what can she do.
Compared to a being like her this mere mortal man should not seem like all that much,
Yet on cold nights when she can actually sleep she dreams of feeling his warm touch.
She wants to tell him right now but realizes what will happen if he comes to know.
He will say she is evil, though he is too scared in his heart he will want to go.
But she must confess, for she may not age but this man she loves will someday be dead.
The thought of him passing away without him knowing of her love fills her with dread.
She decides tonight is not the time, she jumps down and heads home for an empty bed.

As snow drifts on a bright moon-lit night a handsome looking man walks down the street.
He is wearing a black suit and Rag-tag leather coat so that he will be discreet.
Gloves cover talons, on of his green cat-shaped eyes is covered by his light red bangs.
He is happy to be near her yet will not smile, he does not want to show his fangs.
Knowing her at length he has followed her for many nights, just like he would his prey.
But let us make no mistake, this is a woman he has no intention to slay.
Aware that in his still heart he yearns to make this mortal woman into his wife.
Has Fantasies but no fool, he is very conscious she would never want this life.
As well, compared to him she ages much too fast and their union would be too brief.
And if she looked into both of his green car-eyes she would know he is a blood thief.
Any move that he would make is trumped by this rejection that would cause heart-ripping grief.

I want everyone to know I wrote this way before I knew of Twilight book series. But here is a great example of something that is long but not very interesting.