Someone wanted to know how that date went with the boy who was in love with a girl from school, so here's how it went

After being asked on a date
She went to go get ready for the night
She smiled and looked at him
Told him everything was all right

They went to the movies on the other side of town
Watching a smooth romantic show
He tried to put his arm around her
He doesn't think she knows

She knows what he is doing
So she rest her head on his chest
hearing his heart beat go fast
Told to him to relax and rest

After the movie was over
They gone to eat some ice cream
He thought he was sleeping
Told himself this is a wonderful dream

While taking her home
She looked at him without a miss
Then leaned forward to him
Soon they started to kiss

"I'll see you tommorrow"
"Ok, but how about a another date?"
"That sounds good"
He shouted "ALL RIGHT!"