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Thread: Trust

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    Light breeze through windows,
    Lit flames dance,
    Skies grow precarious,
    Distant lighting radiates,
    Will you trust me?

    Humidity descends,
    Moisture appears on skin,
    Thunder is heard,
    Storms fast approaching,
    Can you trust me?

    Electricity fills the air,
    Breathing accelerates,
    Blinding light and sound,
    Power shoots through your body,
    Do you trust me?

    Rain softly falls,
    All sounds fade,
    Compliance is decisive,
    Storms have passed,
    Trust is achieved.
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    Re: Trust

    Oh, I see the hidden meaning now. It's subtle, but there. Well done. Good work on the punctuation. Try having a more distinct pattern; the randomness worked well on this one, but it may not work for every poem.

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