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Thread: Trust and believe

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    Re: Trust and believe

    Quote Originally Posted by Inuruto View Post
    Trust... An under rated notion people over look when it comes to the acts of love... I always believed you couldn't have one without the other... And to believe in someone you would have to put your trust in them... When people doesn't have either of them that's when the lack of faith comes into play...

    These are exact words that I would tell a certain someone when doubt comes at hand & words I should of said way back then... Another shoulda', woulda', coulda', moment...

    I like this cause you wrote what most people who care for someone & don't know what to tell them when chips are down you have said... You gave that person reassurance & sometimes that's all a person needs...

    Another work of your I like as always... Keep up your writing frenzy' lol cause you keep producing quality work... ^_^
    I agree completely here with Inaruto you can not have beliefe if you dont trust. if you trust then anything will be able to believe. anyways Sprout that was well written and I could feel that the wall or barrier some people call it, that you have put up is wavering. sorry not my place, but that is what I felt and you were calling out to the other one to help enforce the wall by giving trust and believing in you and what you have.
    ah sorry there I go rambling again. lol anyways (look when you get me talking I never shut up) good work Sprout I will be reading your other poems and help support you like rayme and lausra and all the other ones that have been supporting you (kind of like you supporting my poems!) thanks for posting it though you put into words what some cant. anyways keep up the good work and I will be sure to read your other poems.
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    Re: Trust and believe

    Thanks you guys! I'm glad you like my work! I appreciate your input!

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