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Thread: Tumbling into the Looking Glass

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    Tumbling into the Looking Glass

    Tumbling through the Looking Glass, I thought I'd find myself.
    Twisting through the jagged maze I ended up losing pieces of me. I never did find myself, although I think I found something better. I found you

    Twisting, turning, jagged edges now smoothed over. Still wandering lost, but no longer alone. Fingers entwined, sighs harmonized.
    Lips pressed to cheek, and eyes locked on eyes.
    Never so relieved as when you touch my hand.
    All worry, all fear, gone in a heartbeat.
    I'm glad I stumbled into you in that twisting, jagged maze of mirrors.
    I love you, my Hatter, My Cheshire Cat.

    [I wrote this For my Hatter Madigan <3]
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