sitting here ...
frozen in place
my mind cant quite register
my phone falling to the floor
breaks my through my thoughts

what did you just said
I know i said alright
but to what?!
you said im sorry
sorry for what!

it hits me
the word break
flashes through my mind
what i really wanted to say
was "no! don't go"
but i knew i couldn't
it what you needed
what you wanted

back the tears
i try to focus on what your saying
"maybe we might get back together im sorry"
my voice cracks as i reply
"its alright really"
i hope you didn't notice
i was trying not to cry
thats the last thing i need
is for you to feel bad

understanding ...
you don't know what to do
you need to think things through
you need to clear your head
maybe we can try this again
lets hope it just wont end be for it begins
like the last time
i understand
you've changed
for the better or for worse

hoping that...
our friendship doesn't end
this wont effect us
we still talk
i know it wont be as much as we used to
just to know your not gone forever
breaks can be mended
break up might not

Shut up...
Don't say another word
There's no need for conversation
I've heard
More than I ever needed to
Well aware that you need to think things trough

i want to get off the phone
luckily you say you have to go
that when i freeze up
phone falls with a crash
words pop up
i begin to think things through
ill be alright
ill be ok
i needed a good cry anyway