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Thread: umm... confusing..

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    umm... confusing..

    Confused... mixed... no title

    There's nothing I can do
    Nothing to make you see
    How much
    You really mean to me

    So if you take your life
    Know that I'll take mine
    Because as I've said before
    If you go, I go

    No matter what happens
    Know that i'm always there
    Waiting to save your life
    Waiting to show you I care

    So don't leave me
    Don't break my heart
    Don't take my soul with you
    Because I won't know where to start

    Should I start with my wrist
    Or just slit my throat
    Maybe I should hang myself
    Or cut out my heart

    What should I do
    Before you go
    Just give me a hint
    Let it show

    How do you want me to leave
    Cause I'll leave right by your side
    I'm here to support you
    To bring you back to life

    All you have to do
    Is tell me what's on your mind

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    Re: umm... confusing..

    Wow Angel hum another speachless from me I guess. hum I feel the same way too sometimes. good job keep up the good work.
    ナサン フォオツド
    Keep what you hold dear close for one day they may be gone forever!
    Make one person smile for it will continue to spread but if you make a frown that will spread as well.http://www.animeonline.net/gallery/s...0/ppuser/57173

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