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Thread: Un-in Love

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    Exclamation Un-in Love

    I have been forgetting about the picture you had painted for us.

    I keep on dreaming that I would remember.

    I never meant to disappoint you, but that is just how things have been turning out.

    I see the way you have been looking at me lately, you seem to be in dis-like with me.

    It has been my doing for so long; I wasn't sure on how to make it better.

    There was no point in crying or even yelling.

    We just don't speak.

    I try to go on like everything is the same, but it is hard when things have been diffrent for so long.

    I tried to talk to you once but you ended up asking me what I would like for dinner.

    We both have been ignoring the subject.

    We just weren't in love any more.

    It's hard to fix things that are just un-fixable and it's even harder to want to fix them.

    As time went by, we grew apart.

    We finally stopped speaking all together, and we finally started mourning.

    I knew from the beginning, nothing would be the same again.

    Tell me what you think!
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    Re: Un-in Love

    It was a nice poem, but it could had been better if you had written the poem in stanzas instead of writting it in a paragraph format.

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