Phil my one , my whole

you know me inside out

your always there when I need you
and that's the majority of the time

you make me the happiest woman in the world
your the only man I want

we have planed ahead very fair ahead
it gives me a warm feeling

I cant bare the thought of not seeing you for much longer the boringness I feel when your gone is unreal and the excitement and happiness when we talk is unreal...

you tun the temperate hotter just by your presences you keep me from going under your my security blanket my protection keeping me safe and helping me every time I need you

we have a deal when and if I fail my exams I'm coming to stay with you witch is 100% fine with me.

But the fact of me being useless to you is hard to take in .... but if I get back into school that just means longer to I get to be with you for pertinent
I love you so much its killing me inside being so close yet so fair from you

but I would wait even to hell freezes over I'm that much in love with you ill never feel the same again about another person even if you ever fall out of love with me....