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Thread: Unbled Suffering

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    Unbled Suffering

    What do I have to do
    To earn all your love?
    Give you my mind
    My body, heart and soul

    Do you love me
    For who I am?
    Or do you wish
    To change a piece of me?

    Nothing can be changed by you
    Tke me for who I am
    Or leave me for someone better
    The choice is yours to make

    My body may be scarred
    And it may be swollen
    But that should not matter
    You should like me for who I am

    I can't prevent the scarring
    That comes and goes on its own
    I'm sick of being judged by you
    For my looks and looks alone

    You don't know how it hurts
    You don't know the pain
    The agony of it all
    Tears me up inside

    You walk over my feelings
    Shredding my heart completely
    Incapable of loving anyone
    My soul bleeds desperately

    You don't feel the pain
    You can't see the anguish
    Your suffering is different
    We both bleed inside

    We both know some pain
    We won't help each other
    Thinking we are strong enough
    We try to deal on our own

    We both hate the pain
    We both hate to suffer
    Let's just get this over with
    One slash and it's all over

    comments and critism are welcome so are suggestions on how to fix some of what you think needs mending.
    Why is everything so ****ing hard for me? Keep me down to what you think I should be! Must you tempt me and provoke the ministry? Keep on trying I'm not dying so easily!

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    Re: Unbled Suffering

    Not a bad poem. I like it. xD Nicely done and keep up the good work. ^^

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