As i turn around i see so many things come to me that seem like a dream , i sigh out in relief as i feel the air around me warm then cool as i walk into the shadows never again to beckon the light as i am comforted by the stillness and the quietness that envelops me like a blanket. All things seem to come into focus.

You say that i will never understand how life will be full of rainbows and happiness and i say you don't see the world as it really is , there are never always happy endings and the bad guy does win . Embracing the darkness and accepting what is , will you only then understand how to live with no worries or doubts.

The fullness of the my mind and the emptiness of my thoughts make things so much more clear than living in just the light ever did because i now know that to have true peace and understanding you must travel through the dark and learn its ways and know its ways to be able to truly appreciate what the light has to offer.
i made this poem for another site i am on so if any mods need proof i can give them the site name and my user name there so there wont be any questions.