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Thread: The Undying Fight

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    The Undying Fight

    Life spinning in circles,
    Constant motion never ceasing.

    With every smile another scream,
    More pain.

    Ripping, slashing, tearing at my own flesh
    To rid myself of the beast.

    I stab the demon and crush his skull in my hands,

    Truth, Lies, Confusion,
    I fall to my knees.

    The demon towers over me,
    Cold, dark blood hides my tears.

    War cloaks my fear and sorrow,
    Kindness and love mask my hatred.

    The infinite halves of,
    Who I want to be and who I’ll never be.

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    Re: The Undying Fight

    wow another dark poem i love these type of poems as they are my fav so please do more

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