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Thread: Undying Love

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    Undying Love

    Love, Love, Love
    What we you used to say...
    Love, Love, Love
    Could change the world, No matter how much we gave and how much we suffered
    Our holding hands seemed to help us along the way
    Remember? That was our beautiful past
    Now we
    We walked in our paths
    Far away
    Yes, that was the way
    You chose that day
    You gave me away
    I remember
    How your lips parted away
    “I Don't Love You ... I... I... Don't Love You Any more..."
    Those words left me
    Here with my heart being shattered into its blood shaded pieces
    My soul condemned to its fate
    Shatter, Shatter
    I remember your words
    Trying to shatter what was dear to me
    Now I can't stop
    I can't stop bleeding
    Until my heart stops beating
    And till the day my soul gives up screaming
    I can't stop
    I can't stop dreaming
    About your smile
    About your warming feeling
    I cry
    Each time I try
    To forget the way you made my heart rhyme
    Despite of what became of us
    I still dream about you
    I still remember your smile
    My Love where have you gone to?
    My... My... My Hearts love
    Please hear me
    Where are you?
    I need you here
    Both my eyes are have given their tears
    Along all there years
    Despite all my fears
    I never have given up
    Not even once all these years
    I...I... Can't seem to stop loving you
    Can't you see?
    I love you with my entire life
    I love you with this heart inside of me
    My heart is broken
    And I still love you
    I give my most loving feeling to the
    To the love that gave me hope
    To the love set me on my path
    I Give My Undying Love to You
    My Love.....Listen to me
    No matter how much we are apart
    No matter what becomes of you and me
    I Will Love You
    My Undying Love...
    Power -xxx- aka -M.Ali
    I Fly Swiftly through the air
    I Spread My Wings Without A trace

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    Re: Undying Love

    Wow... It's really long. Kudos to you for finding that many words to write about love. Now, if only there were some descriptive imagery thrown into the mix.
    Seduced by Flesh

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    Re: Undying Love

    I see that you started out remembering the happy feelings and then switch to what happend to make your love go away! In the last part of this poem you let that person know that you still love them! This is a great poem because it switches and keeps the reader guessing about what cause and why you still love this person! Keep up the good work!


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