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Thread: Unfamiliar Feelings

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    Unfamiliar Feelings

    Loving another,
    A heart with no barrier,
    Can happiness come from an other?,
    The more the merrier?

    Have I felt love before?,
    The emotion is so unfamiliar,
    I'm not sure if I want to feel this anymore,
    Loneliness is my only familiar.

    Was I wrong?,
    Is there something to gain from loving an other?,
    Is that what makes one strong?,
    Loving another?

    Driving me back to madness,
    The oposite of clarity,
    Making me want no more sadness.

    Restless nights,
    Thoughts swirl in my mind,
    Flashing lights,
    Is there something to find?

    Am I missing something?,
    Is there something to find?,
    Wanting to find anything,
    Something to keep these thoughts from my mind.

    Is this the cure to my loneliness?,
    Or another path to darkness?,
    Will it cure my sadness?,
    Or be the confirmation of my madness?
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    Re: Unfamiliar Feelings

    Gee, we seem to be on the same thought set as far as love is concerned. I saw myself within this poem. I like how you word it all,especially the questioning of such an emotion. I've asked myself several of those questions as well......
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    Re: Unfamiliar Feelings

    That was a very good poem. I could sense alot of happy and sad feelings in it. Keep up the good work.

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    Re: Unfamiliar Feelings

    I think if you used more periods, it would have flowed better. good job.
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