A caged scream as the darkness
grows , a whimper fro help as the light
fades from sight , nothing said or done
can be bring the hope you once had and prayed

Nothing you say or do can stop the breathing
as it gets heavier and the dreams become darker
insane laughing comes from inside you as you slide
to the bottom of the cage in despair crying till your eyes
are red and no more tears will fall.

You are taken back to a shady tree on a
lonly breezy night when your wait for someone
special that made your garden of love worth living
in , then it fades as you feel blood come across your brow
as you sweat from the fear the darkness brings.

Something eats at you as you ponder your faith in
a cage that can never be broken from as long as the past hold you
back and makes you think the world is against you , its funny how that
cage you are in seems so hopeless when the key to get out is a actual
thought that says the darkness is welcoming and the only fear
comes from the light of what you thought was life and love.

You pass out from the screaming and pathetic begging as the cage
dosnt give way to your so called feeling and fake rage , you only fool
yourself if you think that love or angel will help you , when its hell
and and everything dark can free you.

this poem is about how some people cling to a hope
or even a slights dream of what maybe which makes there
life a hell , while this may seem silly or even laughable , its a sad fact
that people like this will always be stuck in a cage that will never
let them out unless they suck it up an d accept the thing they want
most is gone for ever no mater what they say or do.

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