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Thread: Unfulfilled Dream

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    Unfulfilled Dream

    Unfulfilled Dream

    It was I who watched them all
    Witnessing them when together, when they fall
    He whispered to her, barely audible
    That she was his everything in this world
    Making her smile, it was his aim
    Hoping everyday it would be the same

    They would be under a tree or in the car
    When they were together, all else seemed far
    For he would hold her hands and lay it on his chest
    Admitting no one could love her more cause he did it best
    And that was all it took to make her heart melt
    This moment was true, something that can only be felt

    His charm, his voice, everything about him was enough
    Being with him was more than any of those pricy stuff
    More than anything she dreamt of being together
    To join them both, a union, a bond, said forever
    A sacred ceremony that would have fulfilled her dreams
    The faithful day when it happens was close, it seems

    See, at this point I wanted so badly to not continue
    For it won’t have a happy ending to listen for me and you
    It was the perfect dream, the perfect tale to share
    Yet to not know what happened next isn’t quite fair
    All it took was a single crash that took his life
    And she never got the chance to hold the title as wife

    Dreams, hopes and wishes, shattered in a second
    I don’t really think she could heal, what do you reckon?
    The images of what could have been shall be there to haunt
    Dancing before her eyes every minute, an everlasting taunt
    It was a life ahead that could have been
    But all she has… is everything in between

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    Re: Unfulfilled Dream

    awwwww you almost made me cry! that was really touching and sad. you did a really good job

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    Re: Unfulfilled Dream

    aww thanks for posting this it was wonderful to read i really like your work ^^

    they always have good emotion in them ^^ it was an oner to read this

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