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    I lay in the dunes
    The world surrounded by ruins
    Alone, unable to find a way home
    Desert storms
    And faithful homes
    It’s all a mystery in disguise
    I hear frowns that echo
    As the earths gases rise up in smoke
    I walk along side what use to be humanity
    Now to be left alone at this crowded world
    I slip, unable to catch from my fall
    Now all that’s left is for me to craw
    Fragile limbs
    Unable to set my foot up to climb
    I lay there, wasted, down to every bone
    I lay there, bruised, blooded and crying
    Thinking I’m alone
    A ghostly shadow in the distance

    Closer and closer it was
    His face covered by the sun
    Reached out his hand
    And there I stood on the sand
    As he took me in his arms
    Relieved I was
    Cause I no longer have to bare the cross


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    Re: Unitled

    Wow. This is amazing. Truely amazing. you laid out the picture so clearly. it's a beautiful masterpeice wrapped in a bit of mystery. I love it.

    My mom has been taking these poetry classes and they say capitolizing every letter at the beggining of a line is out of style. I hope you don't think I would want to chage it. I love it. I'm just telling you what professionals are saying. ^ ^

    Amazing Job!
    I think I've known you all along.
    I just lost your face in the crowed for a while.
    I think I've been holding my breath all my life, until you found me here tonight.
    So ask me now and I'll run away with you.

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